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The Church of Sweden in Gävle publishes the magazine Intron four times a year, which is sent out to 37,500 households in Gävle. We have been producing and designing the magazine since 2018.

Tidningar som ligger på varandra

The purpose of the newspaper is to make the church's activities visible to the residents of Gävle. The newspaper shall inform and explain the church's activities and traditions to those who have not come into contact with the church before.

We want to create a dynamic magazine that inspires reading for a business that in many cases touches on serious and informative topics. Through personal portraits, ordinary people get to portray their perception of faith and religion.

Tre personer sitter i en soffa, skrattar och tittar på varandra och i tidningar.
Bilder på uppslagna tidningar
En hund

We get all the material from the Church of Sweden in Gävle that we design and produce. We shoot main reports and covers. We also create a digital version of the newspaper where we advertise the main report on social media.

The result is a magazine that shows the breadth of the church's activities. It can be, for example, social initiatives, concerts, personal portraits and reports that explain the church's traditions. The magazine also reaches those who are not members, and we therefore want to lower the thresholds and make the magazine easily accessible to everyone.


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